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Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

The purpose of the hearing evaluation is to determine whether you have a hearing loss. A medical hearing evaluation, done by our Doctors of Audiology, begins with obtaining a complete hearing health history to determine how long you have been having trouble, if one or both ears are affected and if you have symptoms other than hearing loss.

When to Schedule a Hearing Evaluation

Hearing loss occurs gradually and it can be difficult to identify signs early. Watch for the following signs of hearing loss:

If you do have a hearing loss and have noticed any of these symptoms, schedule a hearing evaluation.

Adult Hearing Evaluations

At East Coast Audiology centers, we will obtain a complete medical history prior to performing a comprehensive hearing evaluation and other diagnostic testing to identify the cause of your hearing difficulties. The Audiologist then does an otoscopic inspection of your ears and then tests your hearing in a sound booth. At the conclusion of this test, the Audiologist will discuss the results with you and determine if a hearing loss is present. The Audiologist also prepares a comprehensive report to provide to your physician.

If you do have a hearing loss, the type of loss will be identified to you. Should a hearing aid(s) be recommended for you, we will offer information to help you determine which types of hearing aids are available. We will help you determine which type of hearing aid is the best for your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and budget.

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

At East Coast Audiology locations, we perform comprehensive hearing evaluations for children. Like adult evaluations, we ask you questions about your child’s overall health. Most of our pediatric patients are referred from their physicians and we do Visual Response Audiometry (VRA) and Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA)

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations Watertown