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Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation

Bad falls are a constant worry for seniors and others who have physical challenges. And those worries aren’t unfounded. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths and serious health problems in the U.S.

Improving your walking skills — technically known as your “gait” — and your balance are interrelated challenges. At FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers we help you master these skills to decrease your risk of injury, while at the same time increasing your confidence and independence.

The balance and gait systems both rely to some extent on a complex number of body systems that include the inner ear, (vestibular system), the eyes, the joint-muscle-nerve system, and of course cognitive functions. Therapy that improves gait and balance works with all of these systems to keep them functioning in harmony.

Regain Control of Your Body with Balance and Gait Therapy

First, we’ll evaluate your gait to determine potential problems with strength and posture. Simple movements to test balance are also part of the assessment as well as our state of the art Posturographyequipment that will test all 3 balance systems: Somatosensory, Visual, and Vestibular. Together, these evaluations point us in the direction of what to focus on in terms of treatment.

Hip and ankle weakness often lead to balance problems, as does poor posture. Strength and flexibility exercises can help counteract these problems as well as balance therapies including balance training on Posturography.

STOP the Dizziness and Imbalance with Vestibular Rehabilitation

The Vestibular system is located inthe inner ear and is responsible for the orientation in space and gives us a sense of movement. A disorder in the vestibular system causes difficulties with balance and movement, which in turn can cause dizziness and /or vertigo.

Vestibular Rehabilitation refers to therapy performed by a physical therapist specifically trained in vestibular disorders to treat imbalance and combat dizziness and/or vertigo. The testing performed is similar to that used to assess balance and gait disorders with the addition of oculomotor and positional testing.

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation increases the quality of life, reduces the chances of falling, and provides the ability to function daily.

Who needs Vestibular Rehabilitation?

People who are referred to Vestibular Rehabilitation exercises have the following conditions.

Our approach

At Eastcoast Therapy & Balance Centers, our therapists realize how important balance and walking is for independent living, as well as for work activities, exercise, sports and enjoying life in general.

That’s why we provide a range of programs and therapies to evaluate and treat balance disorders:

Ready to "balance" your life again?

With our dedicated team of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants behind you, you will regain confidence in navigating challenging terrain and learning how to avoid dizzy spells. You may even be able to leave that cane or walker behind!

Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation in Watertown