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Concussion Management / Rehabilitation

Concussion is another word for Traumatic Brain Injury. Most people that sustain a concussion will experience a resolution of symptoms after 10-14 days, with graded physical and cognitive rest.

Some people experience prolonged symptoms following a concussion. Physical Therapy can assist with graded rest guidelines, (not complete rest),as well as,graded return to activities and interventions that address the effected subtypes of concussion. These Subtypes can include Vestibular, Oculomotor, and Endurance/Aerobic impairments.

Each concussion is treated differently, on a case-by-case basis, because each concussion is unique. If misdiagnosed or treated improperly, recovery time can be delayed and symptoms may worsen.

Symptoms of concussion can be quite varied, depending on the nature of your injury, as well as your age and gender. Some problems for which people seek physical therapy for concussions include:

How Can Fyzical Therapy Help?

Our Physical Therapists will perform a comprehensive evaluation which will help to identify your specific type of concussion and related subtypes. Once the type of concussion is identified our therapists will design a program tailoredto you to address areas of difficulty and get you back to living and loving your life.