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Audiology Services

Tinnitus Care

Prevent Cognitive Decline with our Hearing Healthcare Solutions

Our mission at East Coast Audiology & Physical Therapy is to improve our community's quality of life through preventative care and early detection of auditory and physical health concerns. Annual hearing checks are vital in monitoring for any changes in hearing and preventing any potential hearing loss.


Our highly trained professionals have extensive experience in treating and diagnosing hearing-related ailments. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatment options are available. Our medical office provides hearing tests that can help detect hearing loss early on, so you can take proactive steps to maintain your hearing health. We understand that hearing loss can impact your cognitive abilities in addition to your hearing, so we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality care and support. 


We are passionate about helping you address any hearing concerns you may have and providing customized solutions. It is our priority to create a warm and welcoming environment to make sure our patients are comfortable and confident throughout their time with us. Schedule a hearing test with us today to ensure a healthier future. 


When it comes to your health, you deserve only the best care possible. That's why our team at East Coast Audiology & Physical Therapy is made up of highly trained and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to improving your overall well-being.

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East Coast Audiology & Physical Therapy

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