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Audiology Services

Hearing Healthcare Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline

At East Coast Audiology and Physical Therapy we provide the best hearing healthcare services to patients of all ages. It’s important to get your hearing checked annually to monitor any changes in your hearing. Keeping up with your hearing health is just as important as keeping up with your physical health, your vision, and your dental health. Yearly hearing tests are essential to maintaining your overall health. Click here for more information on hearing and your health.


Hearing tests help to address changes or establish a baseline to monitor against in the future. Our brain cannot process information as efficiently if we are not hearing the information correctly. Therefore, annual hearing examinations and early detection is key to maintaining a lower risk for cognitive decline that can coexist with hearing loss. Good hearing is tied to good thinking. 


At East Coast, we strive to improve communication and hearing by giving the best hearing care services to our patients. Our Doctors of Audiology provide diagnostic hearing examinations in our soundproof booths to test any hearing loss. Additionally, we offer the most affordable Hearing Aids from the leading manufacturers such as Phonak, Oticon, Signia, and Starkey.  Our Audiologists will help you find the best hearing aid(s) for your lifestyle, needs and budget.


Our hearing aid technology is top of the line with Bluetooth streaming capabilities.  When you purchase hearing aids from us, we take care of you for as long as you own your hearing aids.  That means cleanings,  adjustments, programming and in-house repairs.


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