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What You Need To Know

Considering Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids are often recommended if your hearing test results show hearing loss on an audiogram. Anyone who suspects hearing loss should receive testing and treatment. Otherwise is it important to get your hearing checked annually to monitor any changes in hearing. Our Doctors of Audiology will assess your hearing and determine if there is a loss.  For millions who have hearing loss, hearing aids are often the best option to help correct untreated hearing loss. 

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Health Benefits of Hearing Aids

Research suggests hearing aids reduce loneliness, delay dementia, lower the risk of falls, and reduce the impact of anxiety and depression.   

In a recent study in 2019 Doctors studies what happens in the three years after you get your first hearing aid. It found that among people with newly-diagnosed hearing loss, getting hearing aids cut the risk of developing dementia by 18 percentage points, the risk of a fall-related injury by 13 percentage points and the risk of developing anxiety or depression by 11 percentage points.

At East Coast Audiology and Physical Therapy our Doctor's specialize in diagnosing and treating balance and vestibular disorders through addressing issues with hearing loss as well as balance and vestibular rehabilitation.

Real World Benefits of Hearing Aids

Imagine sitting in a typical busy restaurant, having dinner with friends. Sounds are coming from all directions, such as dishes clanking, people talking and laughing at other tables and waiters rushing about. You’re wearing your new hearing aids and listening to a friend who is sitting across from you at the table. She’s telling a joke.

Your hearing aids are simultaneously reducing impulse noises like silverware clanking onto a plate (impulse noise reduction), reducing the whir of the ventilation system above (digital noise reduction), suppressing the voices of the people at the tables behind you (directional microphone system) and storing information about the listening environment to be saved for later fine-tuning (data logging). They’re doing all of this automatically while amplifying and shaping the speech signal from your friend. You are free to relax and enjoy the punch line.

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