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Introducing Starkey EVOLV AI

Starkey Hearing Aids

Introducing Starkey EVOLV AI

Your hearing affects your quality of life. At East Coast Audiology and Physical Therapy, we believe every patient deserves to enjoy the best hearing solution possible. And we are committed to keeping you informed about important hearing aid advancements.


We are excited to offer Starkey Evolv AI, it's always-on, always-automatic signal processor makes up to 55 million personalized adjustments every hour, and delivers the clearest Starkey Sound yet, and less background noise. Already a leader in wind noise reduction, this new technology offers improvements that result in an unprecedented additional 40% reduction in noise energy for wind and machine noise, which makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort and clarity.


Additionally, updates to the on-demand feature, Edge Mode, make it even clearer in noisy environments like cars and other vehicles. Now, wearers can enjoy clearer speech and reduced noise at their fingertips — wherever and whenever they need it.

Your hearing is important to us. Even though you may be satisfied with your current hearing aids, we always want to make you aware of the latest advancements in technology. We look forward to helping you take the next steps to even better hearing.

Here are just a few benefits of
Starkey EVOLV AI

Realistic, genuine sound quality

Now with clearer sound quality, more background noise reduction, improved 2-Way Audio capabilities, and a simplified remote fitting portal

40% reduction in noise vs. previous technology

The new technology in Evolv AI provides the clarity the brain craves in these difficult listening situations. Evolv AI is designed to help the brain adapt and retrain to understand speech in difficult environments.


One, overnight charge lasts all day long

The new Elolv AI has a higher rechargeable battery capacity with up to 50% less current battery drain in noisy conditions.


Crisp clear streaming of phone calls and music

Evolv AI has been updated to deliver 2-Way Audio in every wireless style. Now patients can take and end calls directly from their Evolv AI hearing aids. Plus, hearing aid microphones pick up and stream their voice directly back to iPhone and iPad,

allowing seamless hands-free conversations.

Additional Features Include

  • Fall Alert and Voice Reminders at all technology tiers

  • First in industry to offer health and activity tracking

Starkey EVOLV AI

  • Starkey 2400 (Premium)

  • Starkey 2000 (Advanced)

  • Starkey 1600 (Standard)

  • Starkey 1200 (Essential)

  • Starkey 1000 (Economy)

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