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Concussion Management

Concussion Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is A Concussion?

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head, or a body hit that results in quick forced movement of the head causing the brain to move back and forth inside the skull. This twisting and movement cause a chemical reaction. 

Concussion Symptoms 

  • Fatigue

  • Ongoing Headaches

  • Irritability / Change in Mood

  • Loss of Balance and Frequent Falls

  • Dizziness and Lowered Blood Pressure

  • Muscle Weakness and Spasms

  • Difficulty Concentrating

  • Visual Sensitivity, (reading, scrolling on on phone, using computers, lighting

  • High Sensitivity (loud noises)

What Is The Course of Treatment

Anyone who may have sustained a concussion should be examined by a medical provider for proper assessment. Often, rest and avoiding stimulation is important in the beginning. Physical Therapy is often helpful in treating concussion symptoms to progress towards tolerance of lost symptoms.

When Can I Return To Sports/Physical Activities

A Physical Therapist can evaluate and treat concussion symptoms and examine proper activity levels.  This includes what activities to avoid after the concussion diagnosis.  The Physical Therapist will then work with their patient to progress towards regaining strength and ability to return to those activities safely.  If dizziness is persistent, a Physical Therapist trainined in vestibular rehabilitation can help decrease dizziness and balance issues.

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