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Vestibular Rehab

Treating Dizziness and Vestibular Disorders

Our Physical Therapists understand balance and it’s relationship with other systems in the body.  Specializing in Vestibular Rehab our therapists will work to develop patient specific exercises that involve moving the head and body in certain ways to help treat balance and dizziness. The vestibular system is a main contributor of imbalance and dizziness. This system is located in your inner ear and tells the brain where your head is in space. Dizziness from inner ear problems can be treated through vestibular physical therapy.

If you have a balance disorder, you might experience symptoms such as: 

  • Dizziness or vertigo (a spinning sensation)
  • Falling or feeling as if you are going to fall

  • Staggering when you try to walk

  • Lightheadedness, faintness, or a floating sensation

  • Blurred vision

  • Confusion or disorientation

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