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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Torticollis Physical Therapy

Age-Appropriate Treatment

At East Coast, we offer superior Pediatric Physical Therapy treatment programs that are specifically curated for infants through young adulthood. Our thorough rehab services range from diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of disabilities in children due to many childhood illnesses or injuries. We treat infants, children, young adolescents with our value-centered and family centric approach. We directly work with patients, guardians and any caregivers the required education/training to assist their children during their recovery phase.

A Personal Approach

Our team is experienced to treat the following:

  • Torticollis

  • Gait/walking abnormalities

  • Brachial Plexus injuries

  • Developmental delay not requiring early intervention or school-based PT

  • Orthopedic/sports injuries

  • Post surgical needs

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